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[Toy Review] Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

[Hey yo, it's me Shon ~ Welcome back to my blog and "Des-is-for-real", let's get on to review!]

This time round, we will cover the X-Plus Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019 (Standard version).

A Little Backstory

As mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, Defo-Real Kong vs Skull Crawler - Legendary Pictures, a leading media company in California is setting up a monster cinematic universe a.k.a the MonsterVerse which pit against all the monsters they call it "Titans".

It all began with Legendary released the remake of Godzilla in year 2014 as the first film to kickstart the MonsterVerse. The second movie was Kong: Skull Island in year 2017. Then, it was Godzilla: King of the Monsters in year 2019 and next in line will be Godzilla vs Kong (with unknown release date).

King Ghidorah is an iconic three-headed alien from Japan Toho Studio. The design of this Defo-Real King Ghidorah (to be revealed later) is based on the King Ghidorah in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). In this movie, it is portrayed as the long time rivalry to Godzilla, battling for dominance to become the alpha predator on ruling the rest of the "Titans" on earth. Some of these "Titans" are Rodan, Mothra, Kong, M.U.T.O, and et cetera. (To find out more about this version of King Ghidorah, watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019.)

[Image 1] Godzilla: King of the Monsters featured these 4 iconic Toho monsters.

Critics on the X-Plus Defo-Real King Ghidorah (Standard Version)

[Image 2] Promotional product image of Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019 (Standard version).

I mean, it's Defo-Real right? The sculpt and craftsmanship is definitely on-point. My first time seeing the promotional images of Defo-Real King Ghidorah I was thinking: "how big can it be"?

So, let's start with the size.

(i) Size

[Image 3] Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019 (Standard version).

Due to design of King Ghidorah which has three heads and its wings spreading at the two sides, this figure appears to be wider than most of the Defo-Real figures. The width of this figure is about combining my two palms together.

This Defo-Real figure is measured at a length of 26cm, height of 14cm, and breadth of 24cm [Image 4-5].

[Image 4] The size of a Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019 figure.
[Image 5] The size of a Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019 figure.
[Image 6] Size comparison between Deforeal King Ghidorah and Godzilla Earth 2017.

(ii) The Sculpt

Character turnaround of Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.

Generally, the details of the sculpt are good. I like that the scales are evenly distributed throughout the entire figure. Those spikes and horns are nicely done as well (and quite sharp and pointy, so be extremely careful especially when kids are around). However, I think the detail at the wings could be pushed a little further. [Image 12]

[Image 7] Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.
[Image 8] Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.
[Image 9] Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.
[Image 10] Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.
[Image 11] Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.
[Image 12] The detail at the wing could be enhanced.

Another thing I want to point out is the head-sculpt (facial expression). My opinion is that the head sculpt (facial expression) of the left-most head and the right-most head should be swapped. Reason is very simple: it would be better to refer to the personality of the individual head in the movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

In the film the middle head was the leader, the other appeared to be the followers. But among the two followers, the left-most head was more aggressive and were constantly waiting order from the middle head. Whereas the one on the right, it was a little timid yet easily got sidetrack and it was the only one that was being given a name: Kevin.

So, if you are looking at the Defo-Real King Ghidorah again, the facial expression on the left-most head seems in a frightened state which is what "Kevin" will probably show in the film; whereas the head far right is what the left-most head would show.

[Image 13] The head-sculpt of the left and right heads should be swapped.

(iii) Paint Job

Hmmmmmm... HMMMM... no, I'm not very happy with the paint job. It is too dull and boring, which I understand that it is completely referenced from the film. Certain area appears to be greenish which I find it really disappointing, especially it is quite obvious in the night. [Image 14-15] Personally I would suggest that the paint colour to be slightly more saturated or vibrant, or, can even push a little by applying golden colour to make the figure more interesting.

[Image 14] The paint job of this Defo-Real figure appears to be greenish.
[Image 15] The paint job of this Defo-Real figure appears to be greenish.

(iv) Box Packaging

There is nothing much going on about the box packaging. It is about the same colour as the figure and about the size of a shoe box, just wider (squarish). [Image 16-19]

But one thing that I find it interesting is that from far, this box does look like a display container itself (or display case if you prefer to call it) to house the figure! (Hey ~ that's actually a good idea to start displaying them in that way!)

[Image 16] The box packaging of Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.
[Image 17] The box packaging of Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.
[Image 18] The box packaging of Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.
[Image 19] The box packaging of Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019.

(v) Price

Price for this figure (Standard version): ≈USD98 (SGD138) excluding shipping fee from CDJapan

(If you are interested on purchasing any Defo-Real figures, please visit my blog post here.)

(vi) Ric Exclusive Version

X-Plus Defo-Real King Ghidorah (Ric Exclusive version): ≈USD134 (SGD189) excluding shipping fee

Features: With light-up effect powering up via a battery pack to imitate the scene where King Ghidorah about to fire up gravity beams (lighting beams) in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

[Image 20] Defo-Real King Ghidorah (Ric Exclusive) with light-up feature.
[Image 21] King Ghidorah is about to fire up its signature gravity beam in the film.

So, what's my verdict... ... Surprisingly Good! If only the paint job was done better and the head-sculpts between the left-most and right-most to be swapped, this would deserve a 5 for my rating scale as everything else is good! Other than that, I still like this Defo-Real King Ghidorah figure. What do you think about this figurine? Let me know~

My Rating Scale

5 - On Point!!! [A "must have" figure.] 4 - Surprisingly Good! [Good ~ It exceeds my expectation.]

3 - Acceptable [Not a bad figure.]

2 - Kinda Regret [Well, I should have thought twice.]

1 - :/ [... ...]

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