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[Toy Review] The Obsession for Toy Line Created by X-Plus: The Defo-Real Series

Updated: May 24, 2020


Amidst the global pandemic COVID-19, hang in there and stay safe! Let's help each other in this critical period by following all the rules set by the government or the relevant organization.

Suddenly a quote entered to my mind - "Tough time won't last, but tough people do!" We must all stay strong, get back in the game as life still go on.

For me, partly to keep myself occupied during this period is, I would like to do this thing the very first time in my life - blogging!


The X-Plus Defo-Real Series

The topic that I would love to share about would be a deformed toy line created by Japan X-Plus: Defo-Real series, which also known as DefoReal, Deformed Real, Deformation Real or Default Real. (See Image 1 for the examples of Defo-Real figures.)

Defo-Real figures, Rodan, Frozen Shin Godzilla
[Image 1] Defo-Real figures: Rodan (left) & Frozen Shin Godzilla (right)

The logo for Defo-Real series
[Image 2] The logo for Defo-Real series.

The Japan X-Plus is a toy company that normally releases Kaiju (monster) related figures such as Godzilla, Ultraman and the Monsters, Pacific Rim and many more.

The range of X-Plus figures include:

1. The 30cm Series and The Large Monster Series (range 20~30cm tall)

2. The Gigantic Series (range 30~50cm tall)

3. The Defo-Real Series (range 10~16cm tall) 4. The Real Master Collection (range 20~50cm tall) [For more information about X-Plus, you may visit:]

For the Defo-Real series, the figures are made of vinyl and always come with: (i) Standard Version: A standard version of the character without any extra feature.

(ii) Limited Edition (a.k.a Shonen Ric Exclusive or short form Ric Exclusive): An exclusive version of the character which features additional perks such as special paint job, additional props or even with an extra figure.

*Ric-toy website only sell the Limited Edition Defo-Real figures. For purchases of the Standard Version, please scroll till the bottom of this post.

Another distinct difference between Standard Version and Limited Edition is the Ric Exclusive version always come with a glossy round yellow sticker stating "Shounen-Ric Limited Edition" adhering in front of the box packaging. [Image 3]

Example of the Limited Edition sticker which is only comes with the Ric Exclusive Version
[Image 3] Example of the Limited Edition sticker which is only comes with the Ric Exclusive Version.

Why Defo-Real Series?

The design of the Defo-Real Series really got me hooked! As mentioned earlier, these Defo-Real figures are made of Vinyl - each of the Defo-Real figure is about the palm size of an adult, overloads with cute Chibi-style that almost resembles a baby Kaiju. (Chibi: a Japanese slang that describes something small or short. In the context of anime, it defines something as child-like looking with exaggerated features: for example, big head, big eyes with small body.) The small and convenient sizes of the figures make it easy for you to carry them around, not space-consuming and easier to clean!

Not forget to mention, its intricate details are mind-blowing! It's best to see it upfront because photography doesn't justify the quality of the details! Indeed, such a small figure - yet pack with details that are on par of those big statues. Remarkable! The reason why I am so into little details of a toy figure is because I am an amateur sculptor myself - and I love details. The details speak everything about an object that you're seeing: the surface, the feeling, the depth/volume, the condition. It's something that I must examine when it comes to a toy figure.

To check out some of the details about the Defo-Real figures, stay tuned for all my upcoming posts, I will reveal the figure individually.


Where can I get a Defo-Real figure?

Little fact about X-Plus: back in 2-3 years ago - their figures can only be purchased thru Japan X-Plus website (exclusive in Japan). Back then, the website was selling both the Standard and Ric Exclusive (limited) versions of the Defo-Real figures. There is no direct website or platform for you to purchase outside of Japan, except going thru an external buying/forwarding service or thru a secondary market (platform).

But soon after they revamped their site (perhaps realising many of their buyers are from the overseas) the site focuses only on selling the Ric Exclusive version (and of course other range of the X-Plus products). Furthermore, they have also created sites outside of Japan which only be selling the Limited Edition of the Defo-Real series: (i) X-Plus website for Japan (

(ii) X-Plus website for North America (

(iii) X-Plus website for Hong Kong, Korea & Taiwan (

So, where can I get the Standard version? Well, you can try the following:

Within Japan

- CD Japan: a.k.a Neowing ( - Among all, CD Japan is by far the cheapest and it is my top pick.

- Ami Ami (

- Nippon Yassan (

- MyKombini (

- Nin-Nin Game (

- Big in Japan (

- Hobby Link Japan (

- Hobby Search (

Outside Japan

- [US] Awesome Collector ( - carry both Standard & Limited versions

- [US] Sideshow Collectibles (

- [US] BigBadToyStore (

- [US] Monsters in Motion (

- [SG] La Tendo (

- [SG] Marvelous Toys (

- [SG] The Falcon's Hangar (

- [SG] Oh My Primus / Dew Toy Store (

- [Thailand] Toyz Selected (thru Facebook channel only)

- [Malaysia] Toy Panic (

Of course, you can always try the secondary market (platform) such as eBay, Yahoo! Japan Auction, Amazon, Mercari and Carousell (Carousel for Singapore only).


The pricing of Defo-Real figures Defo-Real figures are considered quite limited in terms of the number of figures that releases to the market (production). Hence, once the pre-order period of each figure has ended, the only way to get the same figure is purchasing thru the secondary market (platform) that sells it at a relatively higher prices.

The image below illustrates the pricing differences between the Standard and the Exclusive versions. Also, there is an overview of the purchasing steps for the Defo-Real figures just in case anyone wants to find jump into the Defo-Real bandwagon and starts collecting from any point of time. (Note: for reference purposes only. Pricing may vary from time-to-time.)

The pricing and purchasing steps for Defo-Real figures
[Image 4] The pricing and purchasing steps for Defo-Real figures

In a nutshell

So, I hope whoever is reading has gained some insight about the Defo-Real figures. Personally, I'm really in love with this line of figures! Stay tuned for some of my upcoming posts, I will reveal some figures very soon and give my critics along with my rating scale as followed:

My Rating Scale

5 - On Point!!! [A "must have" figure.] 4 - Surprisingly Good! [Good ~ It exceeds my expectation.]

3 - Acceptable [Not a bad figure.]

2 - Kinda Regret [Well, I should have thought twice.]

1 - :/ [... ...] Stay safe! #XPLUS #少年リック #デフォリアル #ゴジラ #godzilla #gojira #kingghidorah #godzillakingofthemonsters #seanchong #sculptchamber #toyreview #deforeal #defaultreal #deformedreal #deformationreal #rodan #mothra #spacegodzilla #anguirus #biollante #destoroyah #burninggodzilla #shonenric #rictoy #ricboy #kaiju #monsters #starace

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