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[Toy Review] Defo-Real Godzilla 1998

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

[Hey yo, it's me Shon ~ Welcome back to my blog and "Des-is-for-real", let's get on to review!]

Today, we will cover the X-Plus Defo-Real Godzilla 1998 (Standard Version).

Special Mention: This review features some of the beautiful glam shots taken by my friend, do visit his amazing work and follow his Instagram @frutiger_


A Little Backstory

Well, I'm pretty sure the hardcore fans have already watched this Godzilla 1998 remake before, I'm pretty sure. It was the first remake done by the Americans. I was only... 7 years old when I watched this film and I was pretty amazed by it. The shot from the film that left me an indelible impression was the Godzilla roaring to the sky:

YES! This shot.

A lot of the fans disregard Godzilla 1998 as a "Godzilla", I probably understand why so. I think the major no-no was the entire design: Yes, it did have Dorsal Fin - but the design was too much deviated from the traditional Toho Godzilla design that made this 1998 version looked like it was a completely new creature/monster. The character was way too slim and just like a giant mutated lizard but behaving like a walking dinosaur. And, this Godzilla did not fire atomic breath :(

However, I should thank Godzilla 1998 - this was the first Godzilla I knew in my life.


Critics on the X-Plus Defo-Real Godzilla 1998 (Standard version)

(i) The Sculpture

Astonishing~ I mean it! Such an impressive figurine!!!

Promotional image of Defo-Real Godzilla 1998
[Image 1] Promotional image of Defo-Real Godzilla 1998.

Let's forget about the film for now XD - whatever it is, this figurine does deserve its own limelight! Not trying to exaggerate, it does look sexy in real life and the detail is mind-blowing! It does look like a small mutated armoured-lizard right in front of me.

Not going to lie, when I first saw the photo of this Defo-Real Godzilla 1998 prototype during the Japan Super Festival, I was totally in-love with it! The detail and texture really got me mesmerised! Then I told myself: yup, I should get it.

Prototype of Defo-Real Godzilla 1998 showcased in Japan Super Festival
[Image 2] Prototype of Defo-Real Godzilla 1998 showcased in Japan Super Festival.

Enjoy the beautiful turntable below which was created by @frutiger_

Turntable photographs provided by @frutiger_

The one thing I can't get enough is the texture! This is the first Defo-Real Godzilla with scaly and bumpy texture like reptiles with spikes scatter around, and they (X-Plus) nailed it. I love the head sculpt of this Defo-Real figurine, it reminds me a little bit of the dinosaur, Ankylosaurus:


(ii) Paint Job

The main body of this figurine is coloured with purple and the Dorsal Fin is in blue. From far, it seems like this figurine is painted using metallic paint, it has the "metallic sheen" which is more obvious along the rows of Dorsal Fin:

My guess is that the manufacturer wants to give Godzilla 1998 the glossy reflection since it came out quite frequently from the sea. Well, I am not saying that the rest of the Godzillas are not surfacing from the sea, just that the paint method works exceptionally well on this Defo-Real figurine.

Furthermore, I also love the fact that certain part of the figurine has the mouldy paint effect, it gives life to it and makes it even more believable:

And, I find the pupils are nicely painted as well:


(iii) Size

This Defo-Real figurine is measured at a length of 17.5cm, height of 11.5cm, and width of 9.5cm.

[Image 3] Photograph credits to @frutiger_
[Image 4] Photograph credits to @frutiger_
Comparison of Defo-Real Godzilla 1998 with an apple
[Image 5] Comparison of Defo-Real Godzilla 1998 with an apple.

(iv) Material

This is a Vinyl figurine.


(v) Box Packaging

The box art shows a very dark teal colour (dark blue green) with the official film logo of the Godzilla 1998 and the logo of the 65th Anniversary of Godzilla:


(vi) Price

The price for this figurine (Standard version): ≈USD65 (SGD91) excluding shipping fee from (If you are interested on purchasing any Defo-Real figures, please visit my blog post here to find out more.)


(vii) Ric Exclusive version

The Ric Exclusive version features the the same Godzilla figurine as the Standard version - but, with an additional figurine which is the baby Godzilla hatching from the egg.

Ric Exclusive version: ≈USD74 (SGD103) excluding shipping fee from Ric-toy website (unfortunately it has sold out).

(If you are interested on purchasing any Defo-Real figures, please visit my blog post here to find out more.)

[Image 6] Defo-Real Godzilla 1998 (Ric Exclusive version), this photo is taken by @frutiger_
Close-up shot of baby Godzilla of the Ric Exclusive version
[Image 7] Close-up shot of baby Godzilla of the Ric Exclusive version.

So, what's my verdict... ... absolutely On Point!!! This figurine is beautifully sculpted and the paint job really makes the figurine stands out and evokes the sense of realism. This figurine is easily one of my favourite! On the other hand, shout-out again to @frutiger_ for providing some of the beautiful photographs of Defo-Real Godzilla 1998! What do you think about this figurine? Let me know~

My Rating Scale

5 - On Point!!! [A "must have" figure.]

4 - Surprisingly Good! [Good ~ It exceeds my expectation.]

3 - Acceptable [Not a bad figure.]

2 - Kinda Regret [Well, I should have thought twice.]

1 - :/ [... ...]

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