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[Toy Review] Defo-Real Godzilla 2019 (Ric Exclusive version)

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

[Hey yo, it's me Shon ~ Welcome back to my blog and "Des-is-for-real", let's get on to review!]

Today, we will talk about the X-Plus Defo-Real Godzilla 2019 (Ric Exclusive version). Gosh ~ this is my first Ric Exclusive ever, I'm excited!

A Little Backstory

Legendary Pictures, a leading media company in California is setting up a monster cinematic universe a.k.a the MonsterVerse which pit against all the monsters they call "Titans". It all began with Legendary releasing the remake of Godzilla in year 2014 as the first film to kickstart the MonsterVerse. The second movie was Kong: Skull Island in year 2017. Then, it was Godzilla: King of the Monsters in year 2019 and upcoming will be Godzilla vs Kong (with unknown release date due to Corona Veeeeerus~).

Some of you may be wondering, what are the differences between the Godzilla (2014) and the Godzilla (2019) in the MonsterVerse? Well, it is only different in terms of the design perspective: (1) Dorsal Fin - The 2019 version has significantly larger Dorsal Fin as compared to the 2014 version, which director Michael Dougherty enhanced the Dorsal Fin by adopting the shape of the Dorsal Fin from Godzilla 1954. (2) Toe - The 2019 version has larger curved claws and bigger gaps between the toes.

(3) Tail - The tail of 2019 version is shorter with a rounded tip.

Don't get the wrong idea, both Godzillas are still serving as the same Godzilla in the MonsterVerse, just with the slight design tweaks.

The design of this Defo-Real figurine (to be revealed later) is based on the Godzilla in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). You may also ask do we have a Defo-Real Godzilla 2014 before? Nope, so far we do not. But, hopefully someday the manufacturer is planning to release the 2014 version, who knows?

[Image 1] Godzilla: King of the Monsters featured these 4 iconic Toho monsters.
[Image 2] Legendary Godzilla 2014 (left) and Godzilla 2019 (right)

Critics on the X-Plus Defo-Real Godzilla 2019 (Ric Exclusive version)

(i) Box Packaging

I will first begin with the box packaging.

Similar style to the box packaging of Defo-Real King Ghidorah 2019, this box is also printed with gradient colour from darker shade of Cyan at the top to Black at the bottom.

[Image 3] Box packaging of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 4] Box packaging of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.

For Ric Exclusive version, it always come with a glossy round yellow sticker indicating "Shounen-Ric Limited Edition".

[Image 5] The Shounen-Ric Limited Edition Sticker.

Since this version of Godzilla belongs to the US MonsterVerse (similar to King Ghidorah, Rodan and Mothra), and also 2019 was the 65th Anniversary of Godzilla, we see these logos are being printed on the box as well. [Image ]

[Image 6] The logos of MonsterVerse and 65th Anniversary of Godzilla.

(ii) The Pose

The pose of this figurine is referenced on the pose of Godzilla in its theatrical poster, which it fires up atomic breath to the sky. The entire posing is pretty on-point, but, one thing I specifically want to highlight (I can't seem to ignore this) is the puffy chest! XD [Image 7]

YES. X-Plus did not miss that detail of the puffy chest, just look at [Image 8]. This is why I love and admire about X-Plus Defo-Real line is that the ability to pay attention to every single detail of the figurine. Well done ~

[Image 7] Pose comparison between theatrical poster (left) with actual figurine (right).
[Image 8] What I meant by "Puffy Chest".

Also, I love how the tail curls instead of just laying flat. [Image 9]

[Image 9] The tail of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019

Next, the arms. To see this figurine from the front view, you may notice the pose seems quite rigid and symmetrical, and you may think there is nothing interesting with this. [Image 10]

WRONG. This is a very good example to demonstrate to you how much they (X-Plus) pay attention to the detail just by showing the two hands with slight different gesture! Instead of just reflecting the same gesture of the left hand to the right hand or vice versa, they (X-Plus) make a subtle difference between the two hands by tweaking the posture of its fingers. [Image 10-11]

[Image 10] The arm of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 11] The subtle difference of the pose of the fingers.

(iii) The Sculpture

Woohoo~ Beautiful, as usual! The craftsmanship, the texture, the shape, the depth, the volume, everything is on-point! Check it out:

Defo-Real Godzilla 2019 (Ric Exclusive version)

For the sculpting job, if I would to select my favourite two areas it would be the tail and the head.

[Image 12] The tail of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 13] The tail of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 14] Head-sculpt of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 15] The jaw and neck of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 16] Head-sculpt of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 17] Head-sculpt of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 18] The menacing look of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 19] The mouth cavity of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 20] The body of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 21] The Dorsal Fin of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 22] The front view of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.

Even the swirling atomic breath is nicely done:

[Image 23] Atomic breath of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.

(iv) Paint Job

I love the paint job of this figurine! The choice of colour for the body is interesting. Instead of just a plain black or greyish tone, it's in a darker shade of Cyan.

"Dry brush technique" is being used on painting this figurine. You could see the clear differentiation of shadow and highlight.

[Image 24] The paint job is done using "Dry Brush Technique" to see clear highlight and shadow.

Just a special mention, I believe the Dorsal Fin is casted using clear Vinyl to give the translucent effect when the figurine is lit up. Hence, the colour of the Dorsal Fin is a little different from the colour of the body.

[Image 25] The Dorsal Fin is casted using clear Vinyl.
[Image 26] The Dorsal Fin is casted using clear Vinyl, giving the translucent effect.

Similarly, the atomic breath is also casted using clear Vinyl:

[Image 27] The atomic breath is casted using clear Vinyl.

Furthermore, I think the mouth cavity could be covered with a glossy top layer to give the "wet look". The eyes are good, it is already covered with a glossy coating.

[Image 28] The glossy layer inside the mouth cavity could be more to give the "wet look".
[Image 29] The eyes of this figurine is nicely covered with a glossy coating.

(v) Light-up Feature

This Ric Exclusive version features a light-up effect. The figurine comes with a battery pack [Image 31] powers up using AA battery for the light-up function. The jack of the battery pack is to be connected to the port which is hiding underneath the tail. [Image 30 & 32]

Defo-Real Godzilla 2019 with light-up effect.
[Image 30] The port is covered with a lid underneath the tail of the figurine.
[Image 31] The battery pack uses to operate the light-up function with 2 AA batteries.
[Image 32] The jack is to be connected to the port underneath the tail for the light-up function.

For the atomic breath, it also comes with one end with the jack to slot inside the mouth cavity:

[Image 33] Atomic Breath of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.

(vi) Size

This Defo-Real figurine is measured at a length of 17cm (from tip of the tail to the puffy chest), height of 15cm (just the body of Godzilla figurine itself), and width of 9cm [Image 35 & 36]. The total height of the figurine with atomic breath is measured at 26cm.

[Image 34] Size comparison of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019 with an apple.
[Image 35] Size of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.
[Image 36] Size of Defo-Real Godzilla 2019.

(vii) Material

This is a Vinyl figurine. The body of the figurine is casted with opaque Vinyl, whereas the Dorsal Fin and the atomic breath are both casted with clear Vinyl.

(viii) Price

The price for this figurine (Ric Exclusive version): ≈USD92 (SGD130) excluding shipping fee from Ric-toy website (unfortunately it has been sold out).

(If you are interested on purchasing any Defo-Real figures, please visit my blog post here to find out more.)

(ix) The Standard Version

The standard version shares the same exact pose as the Ric Exclusive version, excluding the light-up feature. The standard version is priced at ≈USD57 (SGD80).

[Image 37] Defo-Real Godzilla 2019 (Standard version) without the light-up feature.

So, what's my verdict... ... absolutely On Point!!! This is really a fantastic figurine from inside out, with an exceptional craftsmanship, stunning light-up feature, and what always blow my mind away is the sculpt details! Highly recommended. What do you think about this figurine? Let me know~

My Rating Scale

5 - On Point!!! [A "must have" figure.] 4 - Surprisingly Good! [Good ~ It exceeds my expectation.]

3 - Acceptable [Not a bad figure.]

2 - Kinda Regret [Well, I should have thought twice.]

1 - :/ [... ...]

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